Black Hands: Why snow is white ?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Why snow is white ?

First remember that snow is just frozen water , it's like ice. What makes one transparent and the other white ? .
Well, we saw in a previous post as snow is formed . Snow is made of ice crystals beautiful hexagonal shapes , if we see some aumentos.La issue is that there is air between these crystals . These zones diffuse the light air , although its size is large enough not to appreciate color selection . Therefore diffused light looks white .
It is a similar effect to that cause tiny water droplets in clouds , which also makes them look white .
So the white light we see comes from the dispersion produced by the air between the snow crystals .
Something similar happens with polaresb bears ( whose skin is black ) , and we have explained that her hair is transparent , but hollow . Inside there is air that diffuses light as does the snow. Snow is transparent, but diffused white light .

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