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Monday, June 10, 2013

Tips for choosing Vera Wang wedding dress and wedding organizing

The popular designer wedding dresses, Vera Wang, shared several tips for choosing the best wedding dress, and you need to organize the wedding. With over 20 years in the world of weddings, Vera Wang brides shared with many valuable tips for this important moment in their lives.

Vera Wang released a video on his personal blog where he talks about the color, a very important part of their work and that has become his trademark, making their dresses stand out not only by design but also by its hues and colors.

The experience of this designer extends beyond design, as Vera Wang created an exclusive collection of wedding floral arrangements, as well as launching the luxury engagement rings from Vera Wang Love collection.

The Vera Wang wedding dresses have become a benchmark in the world of weddings, they set trends and their structures are beautiful compositions that make brides feel in a fairy tale, because the dresses are very feminine and elegant.

As for how to choose the best wedding dress, Vera Wang explained:

    "A bride should look much as you can, to experiment and see what makes her feel beautiful, glamorous, classic or what you want to be on that particular day."

This is a very important point, because choosing a wedding dress, women must show how they would look on that day, but especially having in mind the whole context of the wedding, so that there is a balance and can stand out the day wedding. These 8 tips for choosing and purchasing the wedding dress will be very useful also.

On the organization of the wedding, Vera Wang recommended:

    "Choose the dress, choose the dishes, choose the location of the party and all the thousands of tasks that will face the bride, was discussed at the end about who is and who they are as a couple."

The organization of the wedding is a very special process that requires careful planning by all details to consider and to facilitate this process, experts recommend that you first have a picture of how you imagine your wedding day, this will help much to follow the right path and find the best suppliers, the best place for the wedding and especially the dress of your dreams.