Black Hands: Map of the Female Orgasm

Friday, December 13, 2013

Map of the Female Orgasm

An American scientist has made ​​electromagnetic resonances dozens of women had orgasms while to see their impact on the brain , depending on the area stimulated .

 An American researcher at Rutgers University (New Jersey) has made MRI scores of women when they were in sexual plenaexcitación .
The goal was to observe the impact of orgasms in their brains stimulated depending on the area in order to advance the studies to combat the lack of sexual desire that affects many women .
Thanks to the resonances , it has been shown that nerve stimulation -induced orgasm target different areas of the brain depending on whether the woman has a clitoral stimulation or vaginal stimulation. The pulses in question are very similar to those affecting women when their nipples are stimulated.
The study also revealed that female orgasms have great power analgesic and able to combat the typical headache that can affect us bedtime at night.

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