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Friday, December 13, 2013

Cold, Flu and drugs in pregnancy

Drugs against the disease symptoms are widely used cold . But when you are expecting a baby, you have to be cautious. The basic rules to avoid mistakes.

Fever, muscle aches , headache, sore throat and stuffy nose are typical symptoms of respiratory tract infections , from the common cold to the flu. In most cases , it is caused by a virus infection .
Against them , antibiotics are useless . The only measure to be taken is to control the temperature and relieve the uncomfortable symptoms , pending the disease makes its course. What to do when the cold and flu occur in pregnancy ? What are symptomatic drugs that the mother can take safely ?

Paracetamol , safer medication in pregnancy

The safest drug to treat infections with fever and discomfort during pregnancy and lactation is acetaminophen . This is a very experienced drug and specialists have no doubt about its safety for both the mother and fetus . It is an antipyretic , ie , low body temperature and helps to control fever because, as a matter of prudence, the temperature of the mother should be kept below 38 degrees and a half.
It is also better to avoid combination drugs containing acetaminophen associated with other active ingredients. Typically, these are products with a power superior to simple analgesic paracetamol, or are indicated for the treatment of specific symptoms, such as coughing. It is best avoided , since the active ingredients associated with paracetamol, which vary from drug to drug, could have harmful effects on the fetus. The doctor will weigh the pros and cons when prescribing these drugs in each case.

Aspirin and brothers

Aspirin , ie , aspirin is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation . Some studies indicate that , if taken in the first weeks of gestation , slightly increases the risk of spontaneous abortion . At the end of pregnancy, after 34 weeks , you can determine the closure Botallo duct , a major vessel fetal arterial blood circulation of the baby . Finally , is contraindicated during breastfeeding because, passed through breast milk , it can cause a rare, but very dangerous and potentially lethal : Reye syndrome .
The other drugs that belong to the family of aspirin, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs , called NSAIDS , are contraindicated in pregnancy. This applies, for example, ibuprofen , whose dangerous during pregnancy was suspected for some time, and has been confirmed by recent studies. Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs taken in the first weeks of pregnancy increases the risk of spontaneous abortion , but has not yet been possible to accurately quantify this increase.

Cough and stuffy nose

The cough syrups are present in a wide variety on the shelves of pharmacies. However, in most cases , it is of low efficiency products that go just beyond the placebo effect. In this aspect , the fact that we do not have sufficient data on its safety during pregnancy is added , so its use is discouraged. Decongestant nose sprays contain an active vasoconstrictor that consumed in large quantities, acts on the blood vessels of the placenta , causing pressure to the mother and threatening fetal wellbeing . For this reason, should be used with extreme caution and for very short periods of time. For prudence, would be preferable to refrain from its use in pregnancy. Meanwhile , free via the nasal washes and decongestants based saline or desalinated seawater containing no active ingredients, but whose function is to clean and moisturize the nasal mucous membranes .

Do not sleep with the light on !

Arriving bedtime , the most common is to turn off all the lights and fall into the arms of Morpheus. But some people just can not sleep in total darkness and need , or yes, leave a light on . A case is children, but adults if, for example , staying at a different place accustomed , can not sleep if they have a light on too.

Whatever the situation , it is important to know that an artificially lit environment interferes with brain activity and sleep quality , as demonstrated by an investigation by South Korean scientists .
Under the hypothesis that " unnecessary exposure to light at night can cause various health problems ," the researchers recruited ten people and underwent polysomnography two sessions , one with the lights off and one with them on, for which used a fluorescent lamp was installed very close to those who were studied.
The scientists analyzed the REM and non- REM dreams brain waves , changes in their heart rates , breathing and muscle activity of the participants .
Thanks to the study , the researchers were able to determine that with the light on , people spend more time in stage 1 sleep , the most superficial , and less in the 3 and 4 - the most profound and important for memory . According Seung Bong Hong , lead author of the research , this can be compared with sleep apnea sufferers .
Also, with the lit environment , the scientists were able to record a greater amount of " arousals " or periods when the brain is near awakening, and changes in brain waves , especially those involved in sleep depth and stability.
"Our study showed that even a dim light interferes with good sleep , making sleep is lighter , less deep and that people wake up more often ," he said Hong.
And that , he added, " is detrimental to both mental and physical function and health ."

light pollution
Until now had conducted several studies to evaluate how good sleep influenced the brightness produced by televisions or computer screens when used right before bed , which has also been called " light pollution" .
In fact, according to an article published in the journal "Nature" in early 2013 , Charles A. Czeisler , professor of sleep medicine at Harvard University , said that electricity can seriously affect natural cycles of sleep, because it activates neurons in wakefulness.
However, never before had determined whether there was any difference between sleeping with or without light , as told Reuters Health biopsychologist University of California Michael Gorman.
And although he acknowledged that the investigation by the South Korean scientists is quite preliminary to his low number of participants, it is useful for people to experiment and determine whether sleep better in a brightly lit room or total darkness. "It will do them no harm," he said.
For good sleep hygiene can also implement the following tips released by "The Huffington Post" :
1. Environmental room to be quiet and a comfortable temperature.
Two . Change the mattress if you wake up sore / day or if you realize that when you sleep away from home , you rest better.
Three . Book room only for sleep or intimacy with your partner.
April . Disconnect from everything electronic one hour before bedtime.
May . Go to sleep about eight hours before the time you plan to wake up .
6. The intense two hours before bedtime can make you exercise more difficult to sleep .
7. Also avoid caffeine and alcohol four to six hours before bedtime .
8. If naps are your weakness , try that these are not too long so they do not interfere with your nighttime sleep.
9. Do not consume too much food sprinkled before bed, because you will wake up in the middle of the night with feeling of heartburn.
10. If you wake up and you need to go to the bathroom , try not to turn on the light . If you need some lighting , prefer dim as that achieved with salt lamps .

Map of the Female Orgasm

An American scientist has made ​​electromagnetic resonances dozens of women had orgasms while to see their impact on the brain , depending on the area stimulated .

 An American researcher at Rutgers University (New Jersey) has made MRI scores of women when they were in sexual plenaexcitación .
The goal was to observe the impact of orgasms in their brains stimulated depending on the area in order to advance the studies to combat the lack of sexual desire that affects many women .
Thanks to the resonances , it has been shown that nerve stimulation -induced orgasm target different areas of the brain depending on whether the woman has a clitoral stimulation or vaginal stimulation. The pulses in question are very similar to those affecting women when their nipples are stimulated.
The study also revealed that female orgasms have great power analgesic and able to combat the typical headache that can affect us bedtime at night.

Why snow is white ?

First remember that snow is just frozen water , it's like ice. What makes one transparent and the other white ? .
Well, we saw in a previous post as snow is formed . Snow is made of ice crystals beautiful hexagonal shapes , if we see some aumentos.La issue is that there is air between these crystals . These zones diffuse the light air , although its size is large enough not to appreciate color selection . Therefore diffused light looks white .
It is a similar effect to that cause tiny water droplets in clouds , which also makes them look white .
So the white light we see comes from the dispersion produced by the air between the snow crystals .
Something similar happens with polaresb bears ( whose skin is black ) , and we have explained that her hair is transparent , but hollow . Inside there is air that diffuses light as does the snow. Snow is transparent, but diffused white light .

Why is it important sneeze?

Maybe we are in a public place and then we feel that tingling in the nose, and we feel that we are going to sneeze , but wrongly many of us try to avoid sneezing, either by shame, or any other reason , but why it is important sneeze?
Well, first define sneezing. A sneeze is a way to remove something that is irritating the sensitive parts of our nostrils , that may be dust or pollen. In fact, sneezing is a defense mechanism of the respiratory system .

Every time you sneeze , air shot through the nose and mouth can reach speeds up to 160 km per hour . Hence how dangerous it is to contain or prevent a sneeze in the middle , as the " cover " your nose and close your lips can create a tremendous air pressure in your mouth and in your throat.
This pressure can force bacteria from your nose back to the wells covered with mucosa or into the ears. The result? A heavy infection .
However when sneezing should always be turned to the side and sneeze into your sleeve, or cover your mouth with a handkerchief not cloth , but disposable. If you can not utilzemos hands for cover when sneeze , because that way we can spread it to others , if he had, we should immediately wash our hands from the nails to the wrists.
So the next time you're in a public place and feel the need to sneeze ,do it! , Never hold the sneeze , but still take hygienic measures such as those we have mentioned .

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tips for choosing Vera Wang wedding dress and wedding organizing

The popular designer wedding dresses, Vera Wang, shared several tips for choosing the best wedding dress, and you need to organize the wedding. With over 20 years in the world of weddings, Vera Wang brides shared with many valuable tips for this important moment in their lives.

Vera Wang released a video on his personal blog where he talks about the color, a very important part of their work and that has become his trademark, making their dresses stand out not only by design but also by its hues and colors.

The experience of this designer extends beyond design, as Vera Wang created an exclusive collection of wedding floral arrangements, as well as launching the luxury engagement rings from Vera Wang Love collection.

The Vera Wang wedding dresses have become a benchmark in the world of weddings, they set trends and their structures are beautiful compositions that make brides feel in a fairy tale, because the dresses are very feminine and elegant.

As for how to choose the best wedding dress, Vera Wang explained:

    "A bride should look much as you can, to experiment and see what makes her feel beautiful, glamorous, classic or what you want to be on that particular day."

This is a very important point, because choosing a wedding dress, women must show how they would look on that day, but especially having in mind the whole context of the wedding, so that there is a balance and can stand out the day wedding. These 8 tips for choosing and purchasing the wedding dress will be very useful also.

On the organization of the wedding, Vera Wang recommended:

    "Choose the dress, choose the dishes, choose the location of the party and all the thousands of tasks that will face the bride, was discussed at the end about who is and who they are as a couple."

The organization of the wedding is a very special process that requires careful planning by all details to consider and to facilitate this process, experts recommend that you first have a picture of how you imagine your wedding day, this will help much to follow the right path and find the best suppliers, the best place for the wedding and especially the dress of your dreams.